Talentporte and You - A Remarkable Combination

If you are a consultant in IT who is open to new opportunities, looking for the right next position, or wanting to make a change, the remarkable experience Talentporte provides could be the best place to start.

If you are an employer looking for a different type of hiring experience, where reward is greater than risk, and where the resumes you see are for people who actually fit your needs, Talentporte has a remarkable hiring experience to offer you.


We are a specialist talent acquisition and placement firm, founded in 2007 to address a need in the IT marketplace.  After more than thirty years in IT, we realized that most staffing firms are what we call "resume slammers," tossing candidate after candidate at client companies until someone finally fits.  We saw candidates who were not truly qualified for positions, did not fit the corporate culture, and who were not interested in working for the company.  We saw what the staffing industry had to offer, and we knew what we needed to fix.


We created Talentporte to change the landscape, reset employer expectations, and to respect consultants with candor, counsel, and commitment.


Talent acquisition and placement - the right people, in the right positions, in great companies.

A remarkable hiring experience - for consultants and employers alike.